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#26: Commodifying Diversity

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#25: Trump May Not Make a Good President

An interview about the worst debate ever. It’s probably time to take Clinton’s higher ed plan a bit more serious. And Colin Kaepernick is still making some white people mad.  Read More

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#1: Superpredators Revisited (rerun)

We took this week off the podcast to work on an upcoming doc. So we’re rerunning an old episode. We’ll see you next week.

Jeff Coats was 14 years old when he kidnapped David Grenier. Twenty years later, Jeff and David reflect on the crime and how it transformed their lives.

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#24: Welcome Back Hoodfar

We celebrate the release of Homa Hoodfar with an episode about academic freedom around the world. Plus, Sam talks to a South African #FeesMustFall protester who says students at his school are being ignored because they are black and poor.  Read More

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#23: Chomsky’s Carburetor

Sam Fenn talks to anthropologist Christopher Knight about the disconnect between Noam Chomsky’s politics and his science. Plus, a biologist honours President Obama by naming a parasite after him. And Alex brings us a story about Harvard’s secret gay court.  Read More

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#22: Anthropologists with M16s

Producer Alex Kim talks to Professor David Price about how anthropologists have helped the CIA–from the Cold War to the Iraq War. Plus, how Big Sugar bought off some Harvard scientists. And Sam and Gordon debate what to do about really smart kids. Read More

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#21: Affirmative Action Bake Sale

Even better than we were the last time: Cited is back! Sam talks to sociologist Amy Binder about what life is like for conservative students on a liberal campuses.

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Update: Everything is Going to Change

We’ve got some new funding that we’re not allowed to talk about yet. But we’ll let you know soon. So anyways, we’re taking a break for the summer to gear up for a great new fall season of radio documentaries!

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