Good news/bad news:  the new Canadian federal government will be coming up with their budget soon (probably the third week of March)–what will it mean for higher education?

2) There’s an embarrassing scandal at Mount Saint Mary’s University, and it may have big implications for the future of student journalism. 3) You know what happened in Flint, but did you know the team of dogged researchers who figured the whole thing out? 4) Will coding start to count as a ‘second language’ for high school graduates and university applicants? Maybe in one state. Plus, we’ve got your update on Goat Watch 2016.

Were there more campus protests today, or during the heyday of the 60s student movements? That’s our research of the week.

Our feature interview is with American Political Theorist Corey Robin, who has a problem with today’s public intellectuals.

“There’s a notion that not only is this the way the world is, this is the way the world must be. This is the way the world will remain. And sometimes people will go, if you really push them, you know… it’s good that it be that way. And I think right there, that’s very counter to the idea of the public intellectual. Because if we think of all the heroic public intellectuals — and this is not a left/right issue by the way, because right wing public intellectuals do the same exact thing — public intellectuals have never been content to merely to describe the world as it is.”

By the way, sorry we were late this week!


Good News/Bad News


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Goat Watch 2016
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