Trigger warning: this episode includes distasteful gun puns.

Good News/Bad News: Something like free tuition in Ontario; what TrumpU can do for you; and advice from the ancients about how to drink (and not drink) on BC campuses.  Research of the week is about high school teachers who struggle to teach a new kind of interpretative history. The feature interview is with Howard P. Chudacoff, on March Madness!


“Indian Student Arrested for Sedition Released from Jail.” Channel NewsAsia.  3 Mar. 2016.

Joseph, Yonette, and Mike Mcphate. “Mount St. Mary’s President Quits After Firings Seen as Retaliatory.” The New York Times 29 Feb. 2016.

Good News/Bad News
Research of the Week

Wansink, Bjorn Gert-Jan, Sanne Akkerman, and Theo Wubbels. “The Certainty Paradox of Student History Teachers: Balancing between Historical Facts and Interpretation.”Teaching and Teacher Education 56 (2016): 94–105.

Feature Interview: Howard P. Chudacoff

Chudacoff, Howard P. Changing the Playbook: How Power, Profit, and Politics Transformed College Sports. University of Illinois Press, 2015. Print.


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