Introducing Cited’s returning season: the Rationality Wars. The Rationality Wars tells stories about the political and intellectual battles to define rationality and irrationality. Behind every definition of rationality, somebody benefits, and somebody is harmed. We ask: what does it mean to be rational?; what does it mean to be irrational?; and most of all, who gets to decide?

Episode #2: The (ir)Rational Rainbow

The psychological establishment has long pathologized diverse forms of sexual identity and gender expression. In the mid-century, a brave movement of gays and lesbians fought back and claimed: no, actually, we’re healthy. But in the process, did they define other identities unhealthy?

This is episode two of Cited’s returning season, the Rationality Wars. For a full list of credits, and for the rest of the episodes, visit the series page. While you are there, you can also listen to the trailer to next week’s episode, the (ir)Rational Priests.

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