Introducing Cited’s returning season: the Rationality Wars. The Rationality Wars tells stories about the political and intellectual battles to define rationality and irrationality. Behind every definition of rationality, somebody benefits, and somebody is harmed. We ask: what does it mean to be rational?; what does it mean to be irrational?; and most of all, who gets to decide?

Next Episode: The (ir)Rational Public

On Monday, July 22nd, 2024: Early pollsters thought they had the psychological tools to quantify American mind, thereby enabling a truly democratic polity that would be governed by a rational public opinion. Today, we malign the misinformed public and dismiss the deluge of frivolous polls. How did the rational public become the phantom public?

Editor’s Note: We’re shifting this to next week (the 22nd), and will have another episode run the 15th.

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