The seas are rising, but we can’t seem to care. Gordon talks to John Clague “AKA Dr. Doom” about the latest projections, and he talks to Stephen Sheppard about how showing evocative images might help.

Correction: At one point John Clague mentions how Laos will be impacted by sea level rise, but he only misspoke–Laos will not be impacted by sea level rise. Thanks to listener Erich Miller for catching that.


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And check out Stephen Shepard’s, visualizations which demonstrate a number of strategies that municipalities can use to protect themselves. Each of them have their own trade-offs, and you can find more about them here.

We can build really strong dykes..

…or build islands and other obstructions further out from the shoreline…

…or just leave certain areas that aren’t worth saving…

…or raise critical buildings…

…so that when the land floods, the buildings are OK…

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