What is Cited?

Cited is an award-winning documentary radio show about ideas that change the world, sometimes in troubling ways. Each episode tells stories about higher education and research; the birth, life and death of academic ideas; and expertise–who has it, what are they doing with it, and what are its limits?

Our work has wide reach and popular appeal. We regularly play on major podcasts and national radio shows, including 99% Invisible, Life of the Law, CBC’s The Doc Project and Podcast Playlist, NPR-affiliate station KUOW, and over 100 campus and community radio stations across North America. Additionally, we partner with print and online outlets, including the Tyee and the Georgia Straight, to produce longform text articles.

Further, we are critically acclaimed and highly-regarded. In 2018, we were featured at the Hot Docs Podcast Festival as one of “Canada’s Podcast All Stars.” We have also won numerous national radio awards in Canada for campus and community radio programming, been a finalist for awards from the Canadian Association of Journalists, and won a Jack Webster Award–BC’s top journalism prize. 

When does Cited air?

We are currently on break and returning in the fall of 2019.

A partnered approach

Our work is created in a unique collaborative model that partners professional radio producers, scholars, graduate students, and outside media partners. We have worked closely with The University of Washington Centre for Human Rights, the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, The Tyee, and the Georgia Straight. We have also collaborated with the CBC Doc Project, the Inquiring Minds Podcast, Life of the Law, Historica Canada, the Centre for Addictions Research BC, and the Dig from Jacobin magazine. You can read more about our method, our partners, and our funding here.

Who makes Cited?

The program is hosted and produced by Gordon Katic and Sam Fenn.  We produce the program out of the University of British Columbia and the University of Toronto.

Our funding comes from various university and research grants, including UBC and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

If you would like to learn more, please do not hesitate to contact us.