An update on our hiatus

October 23, 2015

You may be wondering why we’ve yet to come back this season. Well, we had to make a tough call… we’re not going to come back for a little while. Yes, we’re on extended hiatus. Here’s why: basically, we’re running up to the end of our funding. So, we’ve got to spend some time on fundraising.

It’s not great, because Sam Fenn and I want nothing more than to simply make compelling radio stories for you to listen to. Instead, we’re sitting here doing non-radio stuff, for now. However, we’re going to be back with some programming later in the season (look out for us term #2).

In the meantime, there’s a couple of ways you can stay connected. First, follow our parents over at The Terry Project. We’re still hosting monthly Bartalk panels, and we’ll post those events up on that page. Second, sign up for this mailing list. I’ll send you one note when we’re back. Next, check out our re-runs on Martin Strong’s show on the new Roundhouse Radio 98.3. Finally, keep listening to good campus radio from our friends at CJSF and CiTR (shoutout to the UBC Insiders show, which is a new UBC must-listen).

-Gordon Katic

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