From the Hertiage Minutes/Drake mashup, to Harper’s grand historical narrative; we debate Canadian history and how it ought to be taught.


What are the best Canadian Heritage Minutes?
Read Justin McElroy’s blog, where he ranks all 78 of them according to their “heritage factor,” and their Canadian-ness.  
Who killed Canadian history?
Read the debate between military and political historian J.L. Granastein and social historian, in Granstein’s book “Who Killed Canadian History?” and Timothy Stanley’s retort “Why I Killed Canadian History: Conditions for an Anti-Racist History in Canada.”

Granatstein, J. L. Who Killed Canadian History?. Rev. [and expanded] ed. Toronto: Harper Perennial, 2007. Print.

Stanley, Timothy J. “Why I Killed Canadian History: Conditions for an Anti-Racist History in Canada.” Histoire sociale / Social History 33.65 (2000): n. pag. Web. 13 Mar. 2015.

What does it mean to think like a historian?
Find out at the Historical Thinking Project, which outlines 6 key elements: establish historical significance, use primary source evidence, identify continuity and change, analyze cause and consequence, take historical perspectives, and understand the ethical dimension of historical interpretations.

Seixas, Peter and Tom Morton. The Big Six: Historical Thinking Concepts. Toronto: Nelson Education Canada, 2013. Print.
What’s wrong with Stephen Harper’s vision of Canadian History?
Read Yves Frenette’s article on how Harper has “conscripted Canada’s past” for political reasons, all the while cutting essential supports for history and historians all across Canada.Frenette, Yves. “Conscripting Canada’s Past: The Harper Government and the Politics of Memory.” Canadian Journal of History 49.1 (2014): 49–65. Print.


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