We’d really hoped to get you a new Cited season this fall, but we’re delaying. However, we have a new podcast to share with you. Crackdown.

While we’ve been trying to figure out Cited, we also decided to launch another show. It’s called Crackdown. Some of you probably heard about it, but some of you.. Maybe haven’t. While you wait for Cited, I think you’ll like Crackdown. Crackdown is a show about the drug war, told from the perspective of drug users. They are our war correspondents.

Just a few weeks ago, Crackdown won a huge award. The Radio Impact Award from the Third Coast Festivals. Third Coast is like the radio Oscars. We’re super proud of this. And I think you’ll like it. So without further ado, here’s Crackdown.

The episode is called Change Intolerance 2, and you can find the full show page here.

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