The program ran for 58 episodes, beginning in September 2011. Then, in February 2015, we became Cited.

The Terry Project on CiTR was basically three years of us figuring out what exactly we’re going to do. At first, it was sort of a chat program. Then, it became about rich multi-part documentaries. By the end of it, we finally figured out how to do this thing. Along the way, we won some awards.

While we were figuring out Cited, we also happened to make some great radio. You can checkout the whole archive here, or just go straight to the must listens.

#5: Silencing the Scientists


We let the scientists speak
Since 2006, the Canadian government has laid off scientists while expanding its communication staff. On this episode of The Terry Project on CiTR, Gordon and Sam speak with scientists, journalists and activists about the state of science and spin in 2013.

#4: The End of Civilization Eco-Village


We go off the grid.
From our last year. This documentary aired on 94 stations all across North America. Gordon Katic is an environmentalist, but he doesn’t get out of the city very much. He’s plugged into politics, but removed from nature. So he boarded a ferry and went to a farming co-op on an island off the coast of BC. He found old hippies, a new-agey kid, and a man very afraid of peak oil. They all say that civilization is doomed, so they decided to escape. But what did they escape to?

#3: Emilie


Maybe the most powerful thing we've ever done
In many ways, Emilie is your average twenty-something. But living with borderline personality disorder isn’t easy, and neither is getting the necessary medical attention. Emilie gave us an intimate look into her life, with this radio diary.

#2: Sam Returns to Historymaker


Like Jesus Camp, but with Dubstep
In 2013, “Sam Returns to Historymaker” won best documentary from the campus and community radio stations in Canada. As a Christian teenager, Sam Fenn attended Historymaker, a Pentecostal youth rally where people spoke in tongues, were healed by the Holy Spirit and received divine prophecy. 10 years later, Sam is an atheist but he still cannot rationalize away his experiences at the conference. In this episode of The Terry Project on CiTR, Sam goes back to Historymaker to confront his past: will he put his doubts to rest or find God all over again?

#1: The Four Pillars Revisited


The most comprehensive thing ever made about Vancouver drug policy
In 2014, we partnered with The Tyee to make a 5-part series about the state of drug policy in the City of Vancouver. We called it “The Four Pillars Revisited” Prevention, treatment, harm reduction, and enforcement—Vancouver’s four pillars. It’s the most progressive drug plan of any city in North America. But its authors fear that the pillars are crumbling

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