We celebrate the release of Homa Hoodfar with an episode about academic freedom around the world. Plus, Sam talks to a South African #FeesMustFall protester who says students at his school are being ignored because they are black and poor. 

Good News/Bad News

#1: CUNY Waves Application Fee

#2: University… Racist? 

#3: Teacher Evaluations Suck

#4: Routers Know How You Feel (No They Don’t)

#5: #FeesMustFall

After Class

Featured Interview #1: Ivan Sascha Sheehan

Featured Interview #2: Daniel Munier

Correction from Daniel Munier: Professor Mohammad Hossein Rafiee was granted one month of medical leave in on mid-September 2016, and is currently with family. It is unclear whether the authorities will extend or renew his medical leave, or adjust his sentencing.

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