#63: The Battle of Buxton

The town of Buxton, North Carolina loves their lighthouse. But in the 1970s, the ocean threatened to swallow it up. For the next three decades, they fought an intense political battle over what to do. Fight back against the forces of nature, or retreat? It's a small preview of what's to come in a time of rising seas. We team up with 99% Invisible to tell the story. Read More

#59: Why are Vancouver’s Hospitals Getting More Violent?

This week Cited partners with Travis Lupick, reporter and editor with The Georgia Straight, to uncover a worrying trend in Vancouver's health care system. Since 2010, rates of violence and aggression have steadily increased in the city's two largest hospitals. The question is why?
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#58: The Patients and the Profit

More and more, Canada is outsourcing its elder care to for-profit companies. On this week's episode, Sam goes to Stanford Seniors Village to investigate what that means for some of the country's most vulnerable citizens. Read More

#57: Just a Theory

An Austrian philosopher wants to change the scientific method, removing the need for experimental evidence in certain cases. Not everyone is a fan of his ideas. Read More