#56: ‘Managed Retreat’ from the Rising Seas

Finn Slough is on the front lines of climate change. Nestled on the banks of the Fraser River, this community will eventually be overcome by flooding as sea levels rise. But the people of Finn Slough are doing what they can to stay put, despite the writing on the wall.

On this episode we talk to Gus Jacobson, who’s helping to protect Finn Slough from the rising tides. We talk to other members from the homesteader settlement, as well as UBC Prof. Stephen Sheppard about the big decision that the community faces. Then we talk to Sally Cox, who works on climate change mitigation with the Alaskan State Government, and about the work she does helping indigenous communities who choose to relocate when the consequences of climate change becomes too much to bear.

This episode had editing help from CBC’s The Doc Project, and had support from our partners at the Pacific institute for Climate Solutions. Read the extended article here.

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